a platform that increases sales by measuring and rewarding sales activities across the silos


Sales Performance Management

sPerformance changes the game of sales by making everyone better sellers. Through this unique sales platform, sales reporting becomes motivating and fun. The silos that often exist between SALES, DELIVERY and SUPPORT are broken down, and the customers experience a more coordinated and professional communication. sPerformance creates a more inclusive sales culture that captures more leads, increases sales revenues, and improves customer satisfaction as well as employee retention.


sPerformance Sales Center of Excellence Services

Our senior advisors provide our trusted clients with a broad specter of consulting services. 

Market Forecasting

Market forecasting can be a daunting task for businesses given the variations in changing customer preferences, product array and increased competition. We use tried and tested techniques to make the outcome more measurable and predictable. 

Individual Plan

A sales plan is a crucial tool for all salespeople. Your company may have a sales plan in place. But if you don't have an individual sales plan as well, you're missing an opportunity to boost your sales to the next level.

Sales Modeling

Sales modelling is a multivariate analysis in which many factors, i.e. sales, advertising, seasonal effects, price etc. are considered in the context of their causal relationships. The goal of assembling the data is to analyze the return on investment with respect to achieved sales, from which recommendations can be extrapolated.

Sales Analysis

Unfortunately, sales teams have too much data to analyze and so many directions their analysis can take. They often struggle to find the best way to use their data to build strategies for increasing sales and profits. To help you narrow your focus, our team put together a checklist of ways to use sales data analysis to supercharge your sales.

Profitable Sales

Increasing sales and revenues are related but different goals, and each needs its own strategy. Although the tactics for each may be different, they should complement each other. Understanding how sales and revenue are related and how to increase both helps you market efficiently and optimize your profits.

Business Strategies

We help you link the sales strategy and Plan to the overall business strategy. We believe in activity focused business plans with clear actions, roles, responsibilities and deadlines.

Experienced Professionals

Our team consist of experienced sales and marketing professionals. We deliver consulting, management for hire and mentoring. We customize our team to your needs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee our customers satisfaction. You only pay if you are happy with the solutions and/or services delivered to you.  

Customer Support

We offer our customers world class customer support. We have structured and efficient processes to map and solve your problems and respond to yourrequests. 

We provide sales performance management solutions and services

Our vision is through sPerformance to offer our customers market leading solutions and services to help you improve sales performance and results. Experienced sPerformance Sales Experts help you ENERGIZE, MOTIVATE and SPEED UP your sales processes and organization. 

About Us

sPerformance deliver world class Sales Performance Management (SPM) solutions and services. Through our experienced sales professionals we develop solutions and services by sales people for sales people. Focus is on SPEED, QUALITY and EFFICIENCY. Our passion and slogan is BREAKING SILOS andBOOSTING SALES.

A little bit History

The team behind sPerformance has been active in the global CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and later SPM (Sales Performance Management) markets. Our vision is to deliver userfriendly tools and customized services to help you organization improve sales. This is done by improving sales personnel performance, increasing the quality of your sales process and help you use your sales solutions in the best possible way.


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